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California Civil Practice and Family Law Attorney Facilitating Healthy Resolutions

Compassionate attorney striving for cordial solutions for more than 30 years

The Law Offices of D. Michael Bush has represented small businesses and families in Irvine, California for more than 30 years in matters of civil litigation, family law and child custody. D. Michael Bush and his staff work diligently to provide clients with efficient legal representation. Informed by more than 30 years of experience, I determine facts and identify goals at an early stage in each case. In this way I am able to envision a favorable outcome from the very beginning. Through effective negotiation with the other side, I work to secure a clean and simple resolution without the added stress and cost of litigation. In the event litigation is necessary to achieve results, I fight tenaciously on your behalf to reach your goals.

Empathetic approach to helping clients resolve disputes

D. Michael Bush’s professional and personal satisfaction comes from helping small businesses and families through their difficulties. I approach every client’s case with:

  • A desire to help — I want to help my clients by providing effective solutions to your legal matters. I work to keep the legal process simple and ensure that it is a tool for your life or business and not a drain on your financial or emotional resources.
  • Good faith — I am persistent in my efforts to achieve my clients’ goals without going to court. I work diligently and in good faith with the other side to reach a fair settlement and positive results for you. However, if litigation is necessary, I represent you aggressively.
  • Innovation and efficiency — I strive to develop creative solutions and innovative practices for efficient legal representation. Measures such as real-time depositions, paperless document management and effective communications help to simplify your case, however complex the legal matter.

Experienced attorney devoted to matters in civil practice and family law

I represent small businesses and families in civil litigation, family law and child custody disputes.

  • Civil litigation — In my civil litigation practice, I advocate on behalf of clients in matters such as disputes between partners or business entities, property and personal injury cases and construction and licensing issues.
  • Family law — I represent individuals in family law matters involving divorce and related issues. My practice takes the high road and seeks a reasonable agreement between parties without resorting to litigation. However, I am prepared to aggressively represent you in court if necessary.
  • Child custody — I represent families in all matters of child custody and visitation. I am dedicated to protecting your rights to raise your children in a safe and healthy environment.

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